ADA Eligibility Process

LRTA will maintain an application process to determine paratransit eligibility for those individuals who apply, including an application form and verification of eligibility. The verification of eligibility will be based on a Certification provided by the person’s physician, health care professional, or rehabilitation professional.

The LRTA Application for ADA Eligible Transportation is available online and by mail from:

Eligibility Coordinator
LRTA Office of Eligibility
100 Hale Street
Lowell, MA  01851


The application will be available in large print, upon request (Sections 37.123 and 37.125).

The completed application form will be submitted (by mail or in person) to the LRTA Eligibility Coordinator for determination of eligibility (Section 37.125).

LRTA will provide information regarding ADA paratransit eligibility standards, the application process, and procedures for appeal of denial of eligibility in accessible formats, including large print or audiotape, upon request. LRTA staff will provide assistance to those individuals whose disabilities make it difficult or impossible for them to complete a written application (Section 37.125(b)).

Download ADA Eligiblity Application in English
Download ADA Eligiblity Application in Chinese
Download ADA Eligiblity Application in Spanish
Download ADA Eligiblity Application in Portuguese
Download ADA Eligiblity Application in Vietnamese
Download ADA Eligiblity Application in Khmer

Eligibility Criteria

Who may apply

  • Any individual who, as a result of a physical or mental disability, is unable to board, ride, or disembark from any accessible vehicle in the Fixed Route Bus system without assistance from another individual (excluding the operator).
  • Any individual with a disability who needs the assistance of a wheelchair lift or other boarding assistance device; however, no accessible vehicle is available on the Fixed Route Bus at the time.
  • Any individual who has a specific disability-related condition which prevents the individual from traveling to a boarding location or from a disembarking location associated with the fixed route. This individual is unable to get to or from his/her transit stop because of his/her disability or his/her disability prevents him from negotiating environmental barriers.

Classification of Eligibility

LRTA will classify an individual’s eligibility.

  • Unconditional/Permanent Eligibility
    An individual will be classified with unconditional eligibility when the rider needs paratransit for all trips.
  • Conditional Eligibility
    An individual will be classified with conditional eligibility when the rider needs paratransit for some trips but can use fixed route service for other trips.
  • Temporary Eligibility
    An individual will be classified as temporary if he/she is unable to use the Fixed-Route Bus system for a short time.

Determination of Eligibility

LRTA will make the determination of eligibility within 21 days of submitted completed application. LRTA will grant eligibility if determination is not made within 21 days. If eligibility is not granted within 21 days, beginning on the 22nd day after receiving a completed application, Road Runner will provide presumptive eligibility. If an applicant’s classification changes, the applicant may notify LRTA eligibility department to be reclassified. Approved applicants will be sent the LRTA Eligibility Letter of Determination. Denied applicants will be sent the LRTA Ineligibility Letter of Determination if an applicant is determined to be ineligible for any reason.
Click Here to view the LRTA Eligibility Appeal Policy.


If you have an ADA Complaint, please contact the individual listed here or click the link below to find our Civil Rights Complaint Form. 

Meaghan O’Brien, Compliance Director
115 Thorndike St, Floor 3B, Lowell, MA 01852

Civil Rights Complaint Form
Civil Rights Complaint Form – Chinese
Civil Rights Complaint Form – Khmer
Civil Rights Complaint Form – Portuguese
Civil Rights Complaint Form – Spanish
Civil Rights Complaint Form – Vietnamese

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