ADA Reservations Policy

How to Book a Ride

When scheduling a trip, please provide the reservationist with the following:

  1. Your name, address and phone number
  2. The date of your trip
  3. The time of your appointment
  4. Your pick-up address
  5. Your drop-off address
  6. Return trip information, if necessary
  7. Personal Care Assistant (PCA) or companion information, if necessary
  8. Request for a Reasonable Modification. Examples: the request for door-to-door assistance or the request for extra time needed for boarding the vehicle.

ADA regulations permit the scheduling of your ride up to one hour before or one hour after the trip time you request, without making you late for an appointment.

ADA clients may book a trip for the next day and up to 7 days in advance.

After booking a trip, clients will be provided a 30-minute pick-up window. For example, if a client requests a 3PM pick-up, the trip may be scheduled for a pickup which would create a window between 3PM and 3:30PM. The client is asked to be ready between 3PM and 3:30PM.

Drivers will wait 5 minutes from the beginning of the scheduled pick-up window. Please be aware that passengers are required to cancel a trip 2 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up window. Refer to the main ADA information page for cancellation policies.

Other Transportation Issues

What does dispatch do if a client becomes ill while utilizing Road Runner?
If a client becomes ill on a Road Runner vehicle, the driver will contact dispatch and ask for direction. The dispatcher will instruct the driver to take the ill client directly to their destination or take the ill client back to their residence.

If a passenger makes a convenience request, such as “you are going within a few blocks of my house, let me off now”, then these requests will be looked at on a case by case basis and only granted if it does not create late trips or long ride times for another.

Same-Day Scheduling
Road Runner does not offer same-day scheduling. If a passenger requests an urgent trip for the same day, dispatch will forward the request to a Supervisor.

Stranded Clients
Road Runner does not leave clients stranded. Every effort will be made to assist individuals who have missed their return trip home. For example, a client is at a doctor’s office, and the appointment runs late. The client is to call Road Runner and let dispatch know as soon as possible that they will be late. Road Runner will make every effort to return for the client when a vehicle is available.

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