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Snow Routes

Last Updated: Dec. 2, 2019

The LRTA works in all kinds of weather to provide safe, reliable, and convenient service. In some cases, this means using alternate routes. Snow routes and detour information is available from drivers, from signs posted on the buses, through radio station announcements, the LRTA website, the LRTA’s mobile friendly site, and the LRTA’s information number. Snow route detours are also shown on the map of each printed schedule.

To ensure the safety of both passengers and drivers, the LRTA has established the following “SNOW ROUTES” during winter weather conditions.

Only Routes 1, 2, & 6 are impacted with detours due to snow routes. All other routes run as indicated in Maps and Schedules unless otherwise indicated in Alerts

Route#1: Outbound  –  3rd Street, Beech Street, Beacon Street and Willard Street are not serviced. Customers  are advised to board  the bus on Bridge Street
Inbound -  Humphrey, Methuen, Beech and 3rd street are not serviced. Customers are advised to board the bus on Bridge Street  (Click here for Route 1 Snow Detour map)

Route#2: Outbound – Wentworth Street is not serviced. The bus will follow Hovey St to Luce St (instead of Wentworth) to Andover Street.  Customers are advised to board the bus at the Hovey and Luce Street Stops. 

Inbound-  Wentworth Street is not serviced. The bus will follow Andover Street to Luce St (instead of Wentworth) to Hovey St. Customers are advised to board the bus anywhere on Luce Street.  (Click here for Route 2 Snow Detour map)

Route#6:  (Inbound Only)- Mt. Vernon from Broadway to Fletcher Street is not serviced.  Customers are advised to board the bus on Pawtucket or Fletcher Street (Click here for Route 6 Snow Detour map)

Route#7:  (Outbound Only)- Does not service Greater Lowell Technical High School. The last outbound stop will be Westminster Village on Varnum Street.

Turn by Turn Directions for Snow Routes Can be found here.

Printable Snow Route Detour Maps: Route 1 Route 2Route 6 


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