Lowell Regional Transit Authority

LRTA Fixed Route Bus Service: 978-452-6161
Road Runner ADA Paratransit: 978-459-0152

Road Runner FAQ

What phone number do I call to set up transportation with Road Runner?
Call 978-459-0152

What is an ADA customer?
An ADA customer is an individual with a disability who is unable to ride the fixed route bus.

What is a senior customer?
A senior customer is an individual who is 60 years of age or older.

How do I apply to be eligible for Road Runner service?
Contact Road Runner at 978-459-0152 or call the Eligibility Coordinator at 978-452-6161, ext. 204.

What time does the Road Runner office take transportation reservations?
Road Runner will take your reservation from 6:30AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday for ADA Clients and 6:30AM to 3PM , Monday through Friday for Senior Clients.

When do I call in to set up transportation?
ADA Clients may call the day before the transportation date, and Senior Clients must call 2 to 5 days in advance of the transportation date.

Why is there an advance call notification required for Senior Clients?
Road Runner reserves the right to determine the amount of senior rides which are booked on any given transportation date. FTA regulations require that Road Runner provide ADA service to ADA clients.

What is the fare?
The fare is $1.00 per each trip in town and $1.50 per each trip out of town. You can also purchase Road Runner tickets at 113 Thorndike Street, Lowell, MA.

Where can the Road Runner take me?
Road Runner provides transportation anywhere as long that it is within ¾ mile of the Fixed Route Bus LRTA service area. Senior service area will vary depending on residency of the senior client.

What is a window time?
When you call in to set up transportation, you will be provided with a 30 minute window time.  It is important to be ready at the beginning of the window time. For example:  If you’re pick up time is from 8:00 to 8:30 that means that the driver will be arriving for you within that time frame.  Dispatch will give you an 8:15 pickup time.   Once the driver arrives, the driver will only wait for you 5 minutes.   If you are not ready, the driver will proceed to his next pick up.

What is a No-Show or a Late Cancel?
An individual’s Road Runner service may be suspended if they frequently fail to appear for a scheduled trip. Suspension of service is based on 10% no-show rate. If a vehicle arrives within the 30-minute window, waits five minutes, and the passenger does not appear, it will be considered a no-show. Please refer to Road Runner’s No-Show Policy guidelines. If you are an ADA Client, please cancel your trip at least two hours before the scheduled 30-minute window; and if you are a Senior Client, please cancel our trip by 5PM on the day prior to the scheduled transportation date. Late cancellations will be considered a No-Show. This includes cancellations at the door.

Why did I received a tag on my door?
Road Runner has a “No-Show Policy”. This is a reminder to you that you need to call Road Runner to cancel your trip.

How long will a driver wait for me?
The driver assigned to your transportation will wait 5 minutes. The driver must be within the 30-minute window you were given at the time of your reservation. Road Runner makes one attempt to contact you if you do not board within 5 minutes.

Can I Go to Boston?
Road Runner travels to Boston on Wednesdays. Reservations are limited. Call for information.

What is the definition of a trip denial?
A trip may be considered a denial if the trip is beyond ¾ miles of the Fixed Route Bus system or beyond the Fixed Route Bus operational hours.

What is a capacity denial?

A trip may be considered a denial due to capacity if there is no trip transportation available within the range of the requested time. Road Runner may negotiate a trip up to 1 hour prior to the requested time of pickup and 1 hour after the requested time of return.

What is an adversarial denial?
A trip may considered an adversarial denial if the trip is attempted to be negotiated within the two-hour window (1-hour before and 1-hour after the requested time), and the customer denies the trip.

What is a late trip?
A trip is defined as late if Road Runner arrives at the pickup location after the end of the pick-up window, and/or arrives at the drop-off location later than the requested drop-off time.

What is a missed trip?
A trip is considered missed if Road Runner never arrives or arrives after the 15-minute window and the customer chooses not to take the transportation.

What is a cancel on arrival?
A trip is cancelled on arrival when the cancelation is through no fault of the rider.

What is an excessively long trip?
A trip is considered excessively long and creates a “Ride-Time Violation” when the trip takes longer than 60 minutes within one community and longer than 90 minutes to two or more communities. On-board ride times are comparable to the same trip taken on the LRTA Fixed Route Bus system after accounting for any multi-route trips, wait time at each end of the trip and travel to and from the bus stop.

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