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Regional Transit Plan (Chapter 7)

9/17/2015 – Regional Transit Plan (Chapter 7)

The LRTA began developing a Regional Transit Plan (RTP) as part of the Massachusetts Transportation Finance Bill passed in June 2013. When completed, The plan will give the LRTA the opportunity to improve local fixed route bus service, identify new markets and riders, address environmental concerns and meet the growing economic development needs of each region. There have been opportunities throughout the planning process for public input and feedback with project updates on the Authority’s website. Now that the draft Regional Transit Plan is in its final stages of editing, we will hold three public hearings to present the findings and service recommendations.

Click below for the transit plan:



While the Regional Transit Plan has 8 chapters, Chapter 7 on Service Recommendations will provide you with an overview on the Phased implementation plan.

**To request a translation of this document, please call the LRTA office @ 978-459-0164.


All comments on the plan can be submitted at the hearing, via email to lrta1@aol.com. Or, by writing to LRTA, 145 Thorndike Street, Lowell, MA. 01852

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