Lowell Regional Transit Authority

LRTA Fixed Route Bus Service: 978-452-6161
Road Runner ADA Paratransit: 978-459-0152

Road Runner Miscellaneous Information

LRTA Road Runner ADA Paratransit Service Facts

  • Road Runner operates in compliance with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) regulations.
  • Road Runner is a shared ride service.
  • Road Runner is an origin to destination service for ADA eligible and senior customers.
  • Road Runner provides a service that is comparable in time to the regular fixed route bus including wait times and transfers.
  • Road Runner ADA service operates on the same days of the week and hours of the day in the same areas as the regular LRTA fixed route bus. Senior Service operation is specific to the residency of the rider.
  • Road Runner is for people who cannot use the regular LRTA bus for some or all of their trips.

Bag Policy:  Road Runner has a three bag limit to ensure space for all customers on the bus.  Please be respectful of your fellow passengers and abide by this rule. In addition, Road Runner drivers will not load a grocery store’s shopping cart onto the bus. Customers are allowed to bring a personal grocery cart to transport their bags and are allowed to use the lift to board their personal cart onto the bus.

Tip Policy:  Road Runner drivers are not allowed to accept tips. Road Runner is a public service.

Specific Requests:  Road Runner dispatchers and schedulers cannot place a customer on a specific driver’s route nor can they guarantee that a customer will not have a specific driver. If you have concerns about a particular driver, please call the office at 978-459-0152.

Seat Belt Policy:  All customers are required by law to wear their seat belt while on the Road Runner vehicles.

Car Seats:  Customers are responsible for providing and securing car seats if required for any children traveling on the vehicle.

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